Gló Skin Beauty boasts a wide range of makeup and skincare products. Having tried some of their lip products last year, I had high hopes for any skin related releases.

I have been testing out some of their skincare products over the past few weeks with mixed results. My skin is combination to oily and my main concerns are ageing, hydration and texture. I tend to favour products that resurface my skin’s texture – mainly around my cheeks – to give an overall more smooth and balanced complexion.

 Glo Skin Beauty 15% Vitamin C Skin Protecting Antioxidant Serum

For me, only one of the four products really worked for me and that was one of their best sellers – the 15% Vitamin C Skin Protecting Anti-Oxidant Serum. This non-greasy serum comes in a generous 30ml bottle with a hygienic pipette applicator. The idea behind this product is that it protects the skin from free radicals which can damage the skin. For example, pollution and other environmental factors can age and weather the skin over time. Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant that helps maintain various parts of the body such as bones, tissues and in the beauty world – our skin.


I use this serum both morning and night using around a 20p sized amount and work it into my skin before adding the relevant moisturiser. This has really boosted my skin. It feels less dull and worn out and overall, much smoother and even in complexion. It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on the skin and sinks in quickly with little to no residue. I am really enjoying using this as it doesn’t feel too overpowering on my skin. Personally I prefer a quick and fuss free skincare regime. I often miss serums but this is so subtle on the skin that I hardly notice I have added a step.

Glo Therapeutics Cyto-Luxe Cleanser & Hydrating Gel Cleanser

The other products were sadly a miss for me and did not work for my skin. I trialled two cleaners, one of which brought my skin out in sore, red bumps that got really enflamed. Strangely, the Vitamin C Serum helped heal my skin. The cleanser that was the culprit was the Cyto-Luxe Cleanser which aims to ‘gently’ exfoliate and remove impurtities whilst boosting circulation for nourishment and radiance. Sadly, this did not agree with my skin and I don’t feel it would be worth revisiting.

Another cleanser that was a miss was the Hydrating Gel Cleanser with Blue Lotus, Carnoisine and Lactic Acid. I did not find this hydrating at all though it did work well at removing makeup, if the eye were avoided. The scent isn’t appealing as it smelt like PVA glue which isn’t necessarily something I’d want to apply to my face. This works well at cleansing but not to the degree where I felt it ticked all the boxes.

 Glo-Therapeutics Lip Revival

Finally, the Lip Revival treatment. This had a minty scent that I enjoyed at first but sadly had a chemical after taste that refused to budge. This treatment sunk into my lips well and was not tacky or overly heavy but lacked any real results. My lips didn’t look or feel any softer or hydrated.

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Love, Kate xo


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