Model, Twitter queen, and dream celebrity bestie Chrissy Teigen has never been afraid to shut down trolls. Yesterday, she found herself doing just that when an Instagram user felt the need to comment on her body.

The shady commentary appeared under a throwback photo of Teigen and John Legend at the 2008 Grammy Awards. She captioned it, “Grammys 2008. 10 years ago. This tan!!! Lmao” and thought nothing more of the photo until someone wrote, “Wow so stunning here!! Before the boobies and fillers, so natural and stunning. You both still look great.”

Rightfully so, Teigen wasn’t having any of it and replied with “Boobies and fillers? F*ck off with your backhanded sh*t.” She then added, “2 babies and 10 years. Bye, b.” Not that she needed to justify her weight change and subsequently affirm that it was natural and not cosmetic. People are way too comfortable with critiquing women’s bodies.

chrissy1 Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Instagram Troll for Saying She Looked Good Before Fillers

Even if Teigen had undergone surgery, there’s no space for someone to pass judgment on another person’s body. What people do with their body is their choice, and as long as they’re happy and feeling beautiful, haters can stay out.

And to that, we say: Bye, b!